A Gordon family from Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

a family history project
19th Century Ancestral Home of my Gordon and McKean Families
Gatehouse of Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

 This family history documents both sides of my family.

Gordon Paternal LineDurrenberger Maternal Line
The descendants of 
Samuel Gordon
  a farmer from Dromore farm, Kirkmabreck Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland born about 1740 down several generations to my father, Warren McKean (Buzz) Gordon Jr, born in 1919 in Minnesota.
The descendants of  
Martin Dürrenberger
a farmer from Primisweiller, Wurtemberg, Germany born about 1695 down several generations to my mother, Patricia Mary Durrenberger, born in 1926 in Minnesota.

Many other surnames are included as they intersect with my direct ancestors.

Please contact me, Sandy Gordonvia email if you find a connection to your family 
or to alert me of any errors/omissions in my research.
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